Rotary Cut Applique Online Course featuring the "Magical Garden" Quilt

Hey, Appliqué Fans!! 

Do you want to make ​Appliqué Quilts
in a faster, easier way?

Discover the Secret to Cutting Appliqué Shapes
up to 12 at a time with a Rotary Cutter!

Rotary Cut Applique Online Course featuring My Magical Garden

Do you love the look of hand appliqué but you don't love the process? 

You don't have the time for traditional, hand appliqué...
The tedious tracing, cutting with scissors, and hand sewing. UGH!

 Let me introduce a new way to appliqué...


Take your quilt making skills to the next level
by mastering two new rotary cutting templates in a nine-session online course.    

There are two ways to get started:

Enroll in the online course  or  
Get the course plus the templates all in one package

Block One

This is Block One of the "Magical Garden" quilt.
 Create this block and 11 others with no tracing,

no cutting with scissors and no cutting bias strips for vines.

 Make glorious appliqué quilts with confidence
by grasping simple techniques that 
make appliqué
 simpler, easier and a whole lot more fun! 

Complete the quilts you dream about
without using scissors to cut 
appliqué ever again!


Uncover the secrets of Leaves Galore 

and master the magic of Hearts & More

Hearts & More B

one tool at a time and one shape at a time.
 Block 7

Imagine cutting flower petals 12 times faster?
How many appliqué quilts could you make this year?     

Some quilters have resorted to buying expensive Die-Cut machines
to reduce the tedious work of cutting. 
Did you know you would need to buy a new die
for every single appliqué shape? 
That gets really expensive! 

Rotary Cut Appliqué tools take the place of over 100 dies,
use fabric more effectively
and there is no expensive machine to purchase.  

Grow your appliqué skills by cutting...

  • 12 at a time almond-shaped leaves
  • 8 at a time lemon-shaped leaves
  • "S” and “Z” shaped curves
  • Straight-edge hearts
  • Vines
  • Flower petals
  • Curved-edge hearts
  • Teardrops
  • Circles
  • Ovals 
  • Six-petal flowers and more!

Let your creativity blossom as we transform these basic shapes
into blocks and borders bursting with Daisies, Coneflowers, Hostas, Bellflowers,
Forget-Me-Nots, Tulips, and Waterlilies.

There is no green thumb and no special talent needed
to make this blooming beauty come to life! 

Just watch the detailed videos, follow illustrated instructions
and perfect your rotary cutting skills.  


My “Magical Garden” won a blue ribbon at the Vermont Quilt Festival in June 2019,
and was given a perfect score of 100 points by one of the judges!
If you are ready to start making your own show-worthy
  fused and machine-stitched quilt

I'll share all my secrets with you!  

Complete each session in your own time frame from the comfort of your home.
 Practice cutting, fusing and machine stitching in your pajamas if you would like to!
 Access the full-color illustrated patterns and the extensive video library
from your home computer, tablet or phone.

​There is no expiration date ~ work at your own pace.
 There is no fabric kit to purchase so grab fabrics from your stash and ENROLL NOW!  

If you already have the templates, just register for the course here.
Let's take those templates out and start using them!

If you don't own the templates,
we have made a bundle just for you! 
The bundle includes the course plus all seven templates
for a very special price.

One more thing... 

When you join you get not only the detailed printed instructions
and the extensive online videos... but you also get
exclusive access to our private Facebook group.

Meet other participants, post pictures of your blocks and get your questions answered quickly by other members and by me, your personal instructor!   

You get all nine sessions including
etailed PDF patterns
over 20 hours of instructional videos
 and unlimited access to our exclusive Facebook community.

When you take advantage of this limited-time offer
you will also receive a special bonus ...

A ten-page E-book: "The Magic of Rotary-Cut Appliqué"
Your one-stop resource for valuable tips and techniques
all wrapped up in one handy reference guide.  

This free bonus offer won’t last for long. 

So if you want to start saving time making stunning appliqué quilts
and get "The Magic of Rotary Cut Appliqué",


Quilters all across the world are discovering Rotary Cut Appliqué.
These unique tools and fun appliqué methods are gaining world-wide attention by quilters who want a better way to cut and stitch fast and fabulous appliqué quilts.  

Hello Everyone! I was lucky enough to visit the Quilt Festival in Houston last year. There I immediately fell in love with the beautiful quilt "My Magical Garden" and bought the fantastic background fabrics from Sue Pelland. Once home, I have registered and started with enthusiasm. With the help of Google translator and a lot of patience, many beautiful blocks have been created. I turned a couple into pillowcases and turned my darlings into a wall hanging. A wonderful journey is over. ~ Inna Rohrberg, Black Forest, Germany


Dear Sue, Your quilt design was a winner for me! Our local quilt show was last weekend and with your beautiful design and instructions, I was able to win a first prize for the viewer's Choice. Thank you for such an interesting challenge!  ~ Brenda Teorret, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada


We did your block of the month and we want to tell you how great the course is. I really appreciated all the time and everything you put into your instructions. My daughter and I have owned your rulers for 10 years and every show we ask you, "How do we use these?" So we decided to give "My Magical Garden" Online Course a try. The instructions are detailed, so easy to follow and leave you with no questions. I don't have any questions because it's all right here! We loved making this quit.  ~ Donna Lohman, Mechanicsville, PA


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"Rotary Cut Applique" featuring the "Magical Garden" Quilt. 

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"The Magic of Rotary-Cut Applique"

I'm excited for you to get started
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