Rotary Cut Applique Online Course featuring My Magical Garden  

Do you want to make ​Appliqué Quilts in a faster, easier way? Cut appliqué shapes up to 12 at a time with your Rotary Cutter! 

Rotary Cut Applique Online Course featuring My Magical Garden

Hey Appliqué Fans!!

Do you love the look of hand appliqué but you don't love the process? 

You don't have the time for traditional, hand appliqué...

The tedious tracing, cutting with scissors, and hand sewing. UGH!

Are you ready to learn appliqué methods that take a fraction of the time?

 Let me show you a new way to appliqué...


Eliminate tracing and never cut appliqué with scissors again!  Cut vines, leaves and petals 4, 8, even 12 at a time with virtually no fabric waste using a 28 mm rotary cutter and Rotary Cutting templates. Leaves Galore and Hearts & More tools were designed to make appliqué much more fun for everyone!   

Uncover the secrets of Leaves Galore.... 

and master the magic of Hearts & More 

one tool and one shape at a time as you watch the videos,

read the instructions and practice cutting with all seven templates. 


Imagine cutting flower petals 12 times faster? 

How many appliqué quilts could you make this year? 

Unleash your creativity by adding a touch of appliqué to every quilt you make.    

Some quilters have resorted to buying expensive Die-Cut machines to take the tedious work out of cutting. But did you know you would need to buy a new die for every single appliqué shape? 
That gets really expensive! Our Rotary Cut Applique tools take the place of over 100 dies, uses fabric more efficiently, and there is no machine to purchase.   

By completing the course you will master cutting...

  • Vines without making bias strips
  • 12 at a time Almond-shaped leaves
  • 8 at a time Lemon-shaped leaves
  • “S” and “Z” shaped curves
  • Straight-edge Hearts
  • Curved- edge Hearts
  • Teardrops
  • Circles
  • Ovals 
  • Six Petal Flowers and more!

These basic shapes will grow into a wide variety of blocks and borders bursting with Daisies, Coneflowers, Hostas, Bellflowers, Forget-Me-Nots, Tulips, Waterlilies and more! There is no green thumb and no special talent needed to make this blooming beauty come to life. 

Take lessons in your pajamas, from the comfort of your own home. Access the PDF patterns and the extensive video library at any time from your home computer, tablet or phone. There is no expiration date so you get to work at your own pace. There is no fabric kit to purchase.  Pull fabrics from your stash or support your local quilt shop to find the perfect style and colors.  Get your fabrics ready and practice with me as I share some pretty cool new techniques! 

I have been making hand appliqué quilts since she was 13 years old. When I turned 26, and had my first child, I knew I was going to have to give up hand appliqué. I just couldn’t get it finished! Then I invented the Leaves Galore rulers. In no time I was back to getting my appliqué quilts finished.​ Beautiful, durable, do-able fusible appliqué quilts stitched on the machine. 

My “Magical Garden” won a blue ribbon at the Vermont Quilt Festival in June 2019, and was given a perfect score of 100 points by one of the judges!  If you are ready to start making your own award-worthy quilt, I'll share all my secrets with you!  

Look at this fabulous quilt by the mother and daughter team, 

Donna and Debra Lohman 

"We've owned your rulers for 10 years and every show we ask you, "Show me again, how do we use these?" So we decided to give the "My Magical Garden" online course a try. The instructions are so detailed so easy to follow, and leave you with no questions. We really don't have any questions because it's all right here! The pictures and videos are very detailed. Thank you for all the time you put into this course!" ~  Donna Lohman  

There are two ways to get started. 

Enroll in the online course,

or get the course plus the templates all in one package!  










You may already have my templates. If you do, that is perfect! Let's take them out and start using them!

If you don't already own the templates, we have bundled the course and the templates together. The bundle saves you more than $25!  

One more thing. When you enroll you not only get the detailed printed instructions and the extensive online also get exclusive access to our private FaceBook Group. Meet other participants, post pictures of your blocks and get your questions answered quickly by members and by your teacher ~ Sue Pelland


By enrolling in the in the nine-lesson course  you will receive:  

Detailed PDF patterns

Over 20 hours of instructional videos

 and unlimited access to our exclusive Facebook community.

When you take advantage of this limited-time offer you will also receive a bonus just for you...

An eight-page E-book: "The Magic of Rotary Cut Appliqué", my most valuable tips and techniques all wrapped up in one handy reference book.  

The free bonus offer won’t last for long. 

So if you want to start saving time making stunning appliqué quilts,

Join me for the online course and begin your own "Magical Garden" today!  



Sue Pelland Designs

Quilt Designer, Author and Inventor of the Rotary-Cut Appliqué Method

featuring Leaves Galore and Hearts & More templates

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