MistyQs fat quarter size mistyfuse

Mistyfuse Fat Quarter Sheets (12 per pack)


Attached Inc. has done it again!  Iris has a new way to fuse fat quarters.  These 20" x 21 ½" white Mistyfuse sheets are sold as a pack of twelve.  That is over seven yards of Mistyfuse!   The best part is they are a little wider than needed, so you can fuse all the way up to the edges of your fat quarters, or you can cut off the excess and use the strips to Fuse Baste your layers together!  As a bonus, I will send you a flier on Fuse Basting your quilts along with every order of Mistyfuse Fat Quarter Sheets. 

The fat goddess sheet (21" x 27") is the perfect pressing sheet for fusing fat quarters.  Lay out a fat quarter of fabric (pretty side down),  put the FQ Mistyfuse on top,, trim if desired (remember, we use the trimmings to baste quilts!) then cover with the Fat Goddess Sheet.  Glide a hot iron over the pressing sheet then peel the sheet off the shiny Mistyfuse!  Voila, your fat quarters are ready for fusing!