Bunny Paper

Bunny Paper by Attached, Inc. for Mistyfuse


Watch your applique shapes multiply!  Bunny Paper is an 8 ½" x 14" sheet of glossy paper that can be printed with a standard computer printer.  Once you r right reading" design is printed, press with ink side down onto a prefused piece of fabric.  The Mistyfuse will lift the ink off the paper and transfer it to the fusible side of the fabric.  The image is reversed on the back of the fabric, so when you cut it out and fuse, the image is reading the right way again.  We call this the Working Forward Method with Mistyfuse.  

Wipe any unused ink off the sheet with rubbing alcohol and use the sheet again and again.  You will retire your Bunny Paper when it no longer gives a clear image on the Mistyfuse (over 50 uses!)  Retired Bunny paper can be used as a foundation for Mistyfused Fabric - Iron your fused fabric on the Bunny Paper and run it through your printer to make labels.