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On the user menu (Register / Log In, or My Account / Log out): make it land on user/#/orders. 

This will require changing it from a menu to a PHP block.
Style it the same (re-use block-menu-user-menu class?):

Secondary menu (Certified Instructors / Stores / Contact -- first two have sub-menus):

  • Use the block setting to set the responsive breakpoints (don't need to use SCSS!)

Search box on top menu bar: hide text field below a certain width, make it display on click of the magnifying glass icon. Or, find a simpler way to make it responsive.

Is there a module for this?

This is an ongoing issue.

Was getting error message "Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in node_page_title() (line 2200 of /home/ruby/public_html/spd/modules/node/node.module)."

Fixed with patch from here: #46
Note: will have to re-patch core whenever upgrade (unless the commerce kickstart distribution includes it)

Comment: Is there another way to avoid re-patching core? Using a hook or something? Investigate.

  • Notify submitter when an issue is closed
  • Notify assigned to user when a comment is added (unless the comment was made by that user)
  • Notify submitter when a comment is added (unless the comment was made by the submitter)
  • Notify project manager (in this case Maria) when an issue is submitted (unless PM submitted it herself)


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