Need SPD staff to use the Manage Variations page,, to double check all the details of the products, like dimensions and weight.

In particular, from Jen:

I estimated the dimensions of the Piping Hot Cording based on the picture. I'm also not sure that the weight is correct. Donna (or Sue), would you please double-check the dimensions and weight for this product and update as necessary?

Thanks, Jen

One Day to Sewing Room I Can Sew In!

Friday arrives and it’s SHOPPING DAY!  Armed with my lists, my good intentions and my credit cards, I am off to the shops to find all the bins, baskets, and labels I need to make my sewing room livable again.  Then off to the fun stuff, the fabric store where I stock up on my list of fabrics and notions.  I try not to stray too far from the list.  The eye candy on the shelves can stay on those shelves unless it is going to help me finish my PHDs, my Projects that are Half Done!



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