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Why I love to teach

One of my favorite parts of my job is teaching.  I love the moment when my methods click, and quilters can see themselves saving loads of time by using Leaves Galore to cut their applique!   This "AH-HA" moment usually occurs in a lecture for a quilt guild, and I hear it happen in the room.  After the lecture I get to chat with many of the quilters.  Two days ago at the Artful Hands Quilt Guild, a quilter said,"even I could do applique that is cut with a rotary cutter!"  Well exactly.   This is my message to all of you:  Not only can you DO but ENJOY doing applique!! My friend Penny has never made a quilt.  In fact she doesn't sew at all. Because she helps me in my booth at shows, I think it is important that she has a quilting experience.  So we are making this quilt as her very first quilt!  We found this antique quilt while we were on the road in California for a show.  Penny and I both spotted the quilt, and loved it's soft homey feel.  I bought it for myself as a birthday gift (we were antique shopping on my birthday!), but I knew it would be the perfect quilt to get Penny hooked on quilting.  I'll let you know how that goes! Last week, I lectured for the Concord Piecemakers in West Concord MA.  There, I met the most wonderful quilters!  One of these quilters, Diane is also a blogger who specializes in Paper Crafting.  When I visited her site I had one of these "WOW" moments. Don't worry, I am not suddenly going to start scrap booking instead of quilting!  BUT, I love her motto, a little crafting every day and I know I can incorporate that into my quilting!  Diane was kind enough to take photos during the lecture and you can see her blog about my lecture here. So if you are ready to put a little applique into your life every day, come quilt with me!  You can ask your guild to have me in for a lecture or class, or you can take a class with me at the World Quilt Show in Manchester NH in August. Happy Applique!

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