I have a secret....Blog post 17 of the December challenge

But I'm terrible at keeping secrets from you!  The BOM quilt is finished!  It is 11pm and I just stitched on the outer half square triangle border.  But I couldn't show you a photo of the quilt, even if I wanted to!  

I sew in my basement.  The ceilings are very low and the sewing room is very small...and the quilt...well, it's a big one! It is pinned to my design wall, trailing on the floor and spilling over around the corner on a second wall.  

So I have decided to make you wait for the reveal.  The website will be up and ready for January 1st to accept registrations for the BOM Quilt-Along.  So....on New Year's Day I will post the photo of the finished quilt on my blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and of course, on my website.    

Patience Grasshopper!  Good things come to those who wait.  

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