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Website can't send email to addresses in the domain

Bug Report
Closed: Fixed/Done

Websites (or, more precisely, sendmail) for domains that have their MX record set differently than their A record have a problem with sending mail to addresses in their domain. I found this potential solution on the web:

Option 5: THIS IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME add a LOCAL_RULE_0 to the sendmail mc file

LOCAL_RULESETS LOCAL_RULE_0 R$* < > $* <tab>$#esmtp $@ $: $1<>$2 

this needs to go at the end of the file and <tab> needs to be an actual tab character

So, the question is, how do we find and edit the sendmail mc file on an Arvixe host?

As a workaround, can we configure the rules that send email to send to and set up a forwarder at gmail to forward those to

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