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Make new site replace old site, keep the old site accessible, don't lose old emails

Closed: Fixed/Done

The current setup is:

  • The old, WordPress site is on its own shared hosting account at Arvixe:
    PERSONALCLASS $88.32 USD Biennially Expires: 03/15/2017 Host:
  • The new, Drupal site is a subdomain of our Ruby VPS (set up like strodcreatives with its own document root, public_html/spd, not using the main multisite.)

We need to:

  1. Make the Drupal site (that is now accessible at replace the WordPress site.
  2. Not disrupt email and keep the old email messages accessible.
  3. Keep the old site accessible to SPD staff but password protect it so only they can see it (and especially not Google).

For #1 (go to new site):

  • We need to change the DNS A record for to point to the ruby server IP address.
  • We need to configure the Apache server at ruby to resolve the URL to the public_html/spd document root.

For #2 (email):

  • If we change the DNS MX record to point to the ruby server, can we still access old email messages via webmail from the cPanel?
  • If we don't change the DNS MX record, can we get the Drupal site to be able to send email to addresses?

For #3 (keep old site accessible):

  • Can we register and have it resolve to the old Wordpress site?
  • How do you password protect a directory using cPanel? (Note: we could do this for which isn't working but should be.)

I tried setting up the ruby server for suepellanddesigns the same way strodcreatives is set up but I got an error message about when adding the Addon Domain:

(XID bnx78e) A DNS entry for the domain “” already exists.


By Maria Greene on

I am closing this issue because the basic task is done. However, I am opening up a new issue for the problem the website has with sending email to addresses that use the domain.

Also, there is a problem with accessing the old site that I will open another issue for.

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