Your Nest Organizer

Your Nest Organizer

Welcome to summer in Massachusetts! The Fourth of July forecast is a week of 90 degree weather, and I am ready to break out the bathing suit and enjoy summer!

Last week we were in Vermont at the Vermont Quilt Festival, and the weather was nippy in the lovely Green Mountains.   I look forward to the Vermont Quilt Festival every year!  I always invite my mom, and as usual, she was my right hand person while I was teaching this year.  I had the pleasure of teaching three classes at VQF while my certified instructors ran the booth in the vendor mall.  Thanks to Sandy, Jean, Candy and Kay who worked with Joanne in the booth.  I hope you had the chance to see them and learn from their own unique take on my tools!  

In our classrooms, we were happy to be able to test and use the :"Your Nest Organizer" at each of our student work stations.  This is the unique brain child of Joan Ford from Hummingbird Highway!  Your Nest Organizer keeps all your tools:  Templates, pens, pencils, scissors and rotary cutter organized and neat while you are working on a rotary cut applique project.  

I feel as though Joan made this tool just for me!  My three Leaves Galore templates and my four Hearts and More template fit perfectly in the eight ruler slots.  There is a special nest for your rotary cutter as well as the perfect place for scissors, pens and pencils.  My students loved having them on the tables to keep all their tools visible.  Could this tool help you in your workshop?

Thanks to Joan Ford for the nifty gadget and for letting us try them out!  I just love going to the Vermont Quilt Festival, and I especially love teaching!  Watch for me at a guild near you.  I will be in Long Island and in Connecticut this month, so come listen to my lecture or take a class with me!  

Happy Fourth of July!  

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