Why I love my job…

The best thing about being me is getting to go to work every day and meet other quilters. This upcoming month gives us so many opportunities to do just that!

Teaching for quilt guilds is one of the best parts of my job. I have belonged to only three guilds in my 35 years of quilting, but each of them feels just like a family reunion when I visit. When I teach at your guild, I immediately feel like you have adopted me as a honorary “sister”. I love it when I hear you all laughing and joking in the way Quilting Sisters do when they get together.

Teaching to me is a little like putting on a comfy sweater. It is where I feel most confident, content and creative. I only hope I can pass on these three “C’s” to my students!

If you are looking to take a class with me, this fall is the perfect time to do it!  I am teaching in Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and PA over the next three months. Check out my calendar of events to get details. Even if you do not belong to the guilds that have hired me, they often have room in the lectures and classes so you can feel like an honorary sister too!

Ideas for you! 

If you are wondering how to put together this quick Posie quilt, I used four 7″ x 42″ strips of background fabric.  I drew a iron erasable line from end to end of the 42″ strip using the 8″” curve on my Grande Leaves Galore, and a chalk wheel filled with my iron erase chalk. Then I cut out a bunch of 4″ leaves from the Grand Leaves Galore template, and a bunch of 6 petal flowers using the large end of Hearts and More template A. I randomly placed the flowers and leaves so that they covered the drawn 8″ curve. After fusing, I stitched around all the leaves and flowers with a straight stitch. To make the borders, I used the “Make Your Own Fabric” method from the book, “Rotary Cut Applique with the Leaves Galore Templates”. I used all the Leaves Galore templates to make a wide variety of curves, and created a panel four times the width of one border.  After stitching the curvy panel with decorative stitches, I cut it into four borders. Add some striped sashing and you have an adorable baby quilt.

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