What is in my coffee mug? NOT COFFEE!

Coffee Mug

What is in my coffee mug while I am busy stitching my fusible appliqué?  NOT COFFEE!  

When sewing around fused appliqué shapes, you might get a frayed thread here or there that wants to stick out even after sewing.  If you catch that thread before you do your buttonhole stitch, you can tame the fray but using "Roxanne Glue Baste It" to hold the thread in before you stitch.  Just squeeze up a little dab of glue on the tiny end of the new applicator bottle.  Then sweep the frayed edge with the tip of the bottle along the edge of the appliqué shape.  The tiny bead of glue will tame the frayed thread and lay it along the appliqué shape so it will never pop out again.  You don't need to wait for the glue to dry, just stich right over it with your decorative machine stitch.    

If you missed catching the thread before sewing and you find it is sticking out beyond your appliqué stitch, just grab it with a pair of opposable tweezers, then clip with your best curved edge snips.  All three of these tools sit in a coffee mug beside my sewing machine as I do my decorative stitching. I pull out each tool a few times during the sewing session and my appliqué looks neat and tidy every time!!

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