We're having a blog hop party!

My friends and I are having a blog hop party, and we wanted to invite YOU!  As with many parties, there will be fun and games and of course, prizes!!  Sue Pelland Designs is giving away a coupon for a pattern of your choice, and all you have to do is ask for it!  Leave me a comment below, and tell me which pattern you like best.  You will be place in the drawing for the pattern you like most.  I will randomly choose one winner for each pattern, and you may be the one! I promise to post all the names of the winners after the hop is done.   Visit my online quilting shop to choose which pattern you want!  All the patterns feature my Leaves Galore Templates to make your applique fast and easy by cutting the applique with a rotary cutter. Here is my Norme size Leaves Galore Template.  Isn't it wild?  This funny looking tool does so many neat things.  You can use it to cut standard shaped applique leaves, up to 5 layers at a time, with fusible or without.  This makes your applique a whole lot faster and easier!  You can also cut vines with either side, making vine and leaf borders a cinch.  Shift the template just a little bit, and you get "S" shaped curves like the ones used to make applique ribbons on my Christmas Ribbons quilt pattern. My patterns are the best way to learn to use the templates.  That is, after you watch the free online video!  The video is like having me come into your home for a private lesson, but the patterns are where you practice the quick cutting methods.  You can find the video on the home page of my website, suepellanddesigns.com If you haven't visited my website or blog before, you will find it is all about saving quilters time!  I have a passion for quilting and of course, inventing tools to make every quilter's life a little easier.  Three years ago, I invented the Leaves Galore Templates for Rotary cut applique.  This year, I am venturing into magazine advertising, writing a book, and of course, some wonderful new patterns!  I even have a new tool to tell you about, the Hearts and More template, but for now, that is a big secret.  It is being developed and will come out on the market in about a year.  I hope you will continue to check out my blog to learn about my techniques, and to see what is new with the secret templates, book and pattern ideas. I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday season, and have fun hopping on the blog hop!  Don't forget to tell me which pattern you wan to win below... Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!

I can't remember who wrote this pattern. It is a beauty!

  Here is the link to the blog hop party... Have fun!   http://quiltinggallery.com/quilters-fun/quilters-blog-hop-party/


By Julie A. (not verified) on
I love that Promise Ring pattern. Thanks
By Sandy Parsons (not verified) on
Hi I love Promise Ring ( closely followed by Christmas ribbons) Lovely giveaway. Merry Xmas from Sandy. :)
GREETINGS FROM HUNGARY. Thanks for playing! This ruler is unknown to me. We unfortunately have no rulers.
By Beverley (not verified) on
I like the Christmas Ribbons pattern. Thank you for a great giveaway and I will be a follower from now on.
Love the Christmas Quilt, stunning. But the Diamond quilt and sunflower placemats are so beautiful!! Great patterns
By Gill (not verified) on
I like 'Eve's Garden' Thank you!
By Carol C. (not verified) on
Hello! I bought your Norme template at the Phila show this year. What drew me (besides the crowd at your booth) was the Melissa's quilt hung up. Needless to say, that is my favorite pattern. Congrats to whoever wins. And Merry Christmas to all.
What a lovely giveaway! My favorite have to be the Christmas Ribbons, I'd lvoe to learn how to make those beauties!
By laurel (not verified) on
i really like hopes diamond!
By kathy h (not verified) on
I love the Christmas Ribbons. I will have to look at your video to see how you use that ruler. It looks great for making vines and I am intriqued to see how it will work for leaves.
Dear Kathy, Guess what? YOU WON! I will send the Christmas Ribbons pattern out to you as soon as I get your snail mail address. Please send it to sue@suepellanddesigns.com. Won't it be nice to have this quilt done in time for next Christmas!!? It is lovely as a spring quilt as well, just look at the back of the pattern for the pink quilt for inspiration. Happy Holidays! Sue Pelland
By Heather (not verified) on
I really like the Melissa's quilt pattern.
For some reason I can't figure out where to look at the patterns. I don't see a link. If it is the ones in your post, I love the Nativity pattern. If not, I am sure I would love anything! Thank you for your generosity.
By MONA (not verified) on
I love your Eve's Garden pattern. Simply beautiful and would love to learn the technique of the pattern! Thanks for the chance of a win!
By Lisa Marie (not verified) on
I love sunflowers so the Flowers Galore Place Mat Pattern jumped out at me right away. Thanks for the chance to win.
By Marcia K (not verified) on
Eves Garden.. WOW! That is just fantastic! I will have to stick around and hopefully you can teach me something :)
I saw your ruler just the other day and was intrigued by the idea. I really love Melissa's Quilt.
By Donah (not verified) on
Christmas Ribbons, A Leaves Galore Pattern - is a gorgeous pattern.
By Debra L (not verified) on
I love the leaves galore template! Itsmelealee@gmail.com
I love the promise ring pattern. It was hard to choose because I like all of them but that one is my favorite. I will definitely be visiting again and am excited to see more.
This ruler really intrigues me ,I'd love to win it and thanks for the chance.
what a cool gadget! and I just love that stained glass quilt too
By Hueisei (not verified) on
Eve's garden!! Thx for the chance to win ^^v
Eve's Garden is a jaw dropper!! Absolutely stunning! I would have to say that's the one I would love to have. Thank you for the chance. Lovely patterns!
By Linda (not verified) on
What a neat concept to have a blog hop. I love your blog, and will be back. Thanks for a chance to win a prize also. Cya
oh they are all so beautiful..love the Christmas Ribbons, A Leaves Galore Pattern ...thank you for such a wonderful blog and a chance to enter your giveaway..
By Jane Bitz (not verified) on
Hope's Diamond and Hot & Cold flow both catch my eye!
Wow, the Christmas ribbons quilt is stunning. Great rulers and patterns. Thanks and happy holidays! Nettie nettiecrain@live.com
By LeAnne (not verified) on
I like them all, but I like Hopes Diamond the best.
By Margaret (not verified) on
I would choose Christmas Ribbons.
This is all wonderful and I am very curious about the template ruler. Thanks for participating and the generous giveaway. Judy C
By Katina (not verified) on
I'm an art quilter and I absolutely LOVE Eve's Garden!! thanks for the great giveaway!
By jo (not verified) on
Oh, I am just in love with Promise Ring
By Joyce Mitchell (not verified) on
I'd love to win Hope's Diamond. Thanks for the giveaway.
I love the Hot and Cold pattern. Tools and gadgets are a weakness of mine. I love trying new things.
By Gwen Windham (not verified) on
Such pretty patterns-- hard to choose just one! But, the Melissa's Quilt pattern really caught my eye-- I LOVE those pretty colors on the black background!! Stunning! :-) Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!! :-)
Sue! All of your patterns are awesome! Too difficult to choose which one. Okay I will give it my best shot. Hope's Dream! What a cool tool you are offering! Thank you so much!
Wow, I'd chose the Eve's Garden, A Leaves Galore Pattern. You are so generous and it is gorgeous! Thank you. Kd
By Billie K (not verified) on
Christmas Ribbons is my favorite. They all are great
How to choose? They are all gorgeous but I think I would give the nod to Hope's diamond. Your ruler is truly versatile - much more so than I originally thought!


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