Two days to a Completely Organized Sewing Room (Now you know it is Fiction!)

Day four of a five part blog about my need to Organize…

Thursday I start my day with a double espresso and a little pep talk.  OK, you know you can do this!  Your one day project is now on day four, but at least you can see the progress.  If you get through organizing the bin of unfinished projects you can start the year off right.  Clean sewing room, clean slate.  As you dive into the unfinished projects you find shirts without buttons, jeans with a tear, perfectly good bras with a broken hook.  First you tackle the buttons, those are easy!  The jeans can be repaired with a little mistyfuse backed blue fabric and some free motion darning.  The bra..hook and eye replaced, now to remember to hook them together every time they go in the washer!  I wouldn’t have had this problem if I hooked my hooks!  Mending done.

Unfinished projects are ready for sorting.  I’ll make three piles:

QISWTWO (Quilts I still want to work on)

INWTSTPA! (I never want to see that project again!)

TS (Technique Samples never have to be finished, they are just samples of things I have learned)

I have a drawers in my sewing room for QISWTWO.   I go through the drawers and find some of the QISWTWO from last year are still in the bins.  A few become INWTSTPA! If I didn’t get to it in the past year, I probably never will.  I give myself permission to only work on projects I enjoy.  No matter how much money was spent to start a project, it is not incentive enough for me to finish it.  If  “INWTSTPA!” I pack up the project and all the fabrics to finish the project and offer it up at my next guild meeting.  No takers?  Try giving it to the charity committee?   Last resort, add it to your getaway gear.  Put it on the FREE table at your next getaway.  Just don’t ask for it back when someone completes a lovely quilt with your UFO!

Mending done, UFOs organized, Now I get to SHOP!


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