Three Days to a (somewhat) Organized Sewing Room

Day three of a five part blog about trying desperately to get your sewing room in order!

Wednesday arrives, and I quickly stuff all the fabrics  (that I pulled out yesterday) back in their bins, push them into the fabric closet and lock the door.  After all, I have all the fabrics I need for my next 10 projects and they are washed and pressed and ready to use.  Neat, tidy fabric bins are overrated.   Today I’m going to tackle the thread wall and the mountain of batting scraps that I have been saving.  The guild always makes placemats for charity, so I know I can cut all those batting scraps into a neat pile of 18″ x 22″ pieces.  Larger pieces will be measured, labeled and put into large zip lock bags.  Now I will always have the right size batting for any future quilt!  Four hours later, my place mat pile reached 3 feet high.  I think that will be enough.  My thread wall is still there with a basket of spools to be sorted into neat rows of matching colors.  But of course, I quickly run out of room and add a new spool holder to my shopping list.  Well, I was supposed to shop tomorrow and gets started sewing, but I still have to go through the bin of unfinished projects.  With a clear plan and a New Year that is only two weeks old…I am still motivated to get this done!


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