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The Honorary Flamingo! Day Four of the Blog Challenge

Pink Flamingos

Do you have a special group that you belong to and quilt with?  I hope you do.  These guilds, bees, mini groups, internet groups or charity groups spring up out of sharing a love for something.  If you weren't a quilter, you would seek out friends who love to do what you do.  Book groups,garden clubs, church get the picture!  

This picture is "MY" Monday Quilting Group. Today, I visited with five friends who get together every Monday at one member's home to hand piece, hand applique or hand quilt.  There are no machines, no rotary cutters, just hand work and conversation.  These ladies have been getting together for 20 years or more!  So

why did I put "MY" in quotes?  I'm just a freeloader!

My Mom is a member of the Pink Flamingos, and about three years ago, she stopped driving long distances and highways.  Since this group is over an hour away, she was so sad not to go to her Monday group any more.  I know that these friends mean so much to her and I didn't want her to give that up.  So now and then, I bring my mom to the Pink Flamingos!  They meet in the Newport RI area, and it is always a pleasure, not only to spend time with a great group of ladies, but to enjoy the hours in the car with Mom.  We always OHH and AHH as we go over the bridges to get to "the Island".  It brings me back to when I was a kid, and we lived in that beautiful area of the country.  

But my Mom and Dad are back in Texas where these two little snow birds winter.  I was lucky enough to score an invitation to the Christmas Luncheon in her stead!  Thank you to the Flamingos for all the love and support they show one another and me.  I am one lucky Honorary Flamingo!

I hope you have a quilt guild, group or bee that supports you and your quilting obsession!  


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