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We're so excited! The second annual Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day is Saturday, January 25, 2014! This is such a great way to recognize our local, independent quilt and fabric shops around the world. Would you help us spread the word?

Did you damage the edge of your Acrylic Template?

It is easy to gouge the edge of your Hearts and More or Leaves Galore templates when you are cutting around the inside curves.  The secret to cutting the inside curves is to use a sharp 28mm rotary cutter and blade.  There are times when I still nick the edge of my template with my blade, and cut a sliver from the edge of the acrylic.  This sliver will catch your blade every time you try to cut around that spot.

Hearts and More, Debut October 25th!

The new Hearts and More templates will be unveiled on October 25 at Quilt Market in Houston. On Friday, October 25, I am holding a Schoolhouse session to show my latest templates, and what they can do. Meanwhile, I want to give you a little preview of the quilts I have made over the past three weeks using the Hearts and More templates. They are not all finished, and I am under the gun to get them done in time for Houston, so this will be a short post, so I can get back to sewing!