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New: Hand Applique Templates for Promise Ring

I like to think that all of my patterns can be made with hand applique as well as using my templates for fusible applique. I am working on a method to cut both the fabrics and the foundations for hand applique using the Leaves Galore Templates. Meanwhile, if you want to complete any of my patterns by hand, all you need is the outline drawing of each shape.

And out winner is.........

All of you are winners today, because I fixed my shipping cost issues on the site!!  My shopping program could not tell the difference between templates and patterns to calculate shipping.  Because of this, the shipping rate was calculated much too high for shipping patterns.  Thank you for your patience while I found a solution. 

Teaching at MQX

Registration for my class at MQX has just opened.  I hope you will come to Providence and meet me, while learning some new Leaves Galore Techniques! I have put MQX on my calendar, so look there for details on how to register for this class.  Look at my pictures from classes and lectures to see what other people have accomplished in this fun class!  Here is the listing from MQX. _