I feel almost back to normal after 5 days of Summer'SCool!  For the last week,  I directed a summer school for kids to teach them to cook and sew.  You know, Home Ec!  Since Home Ec has been eliminted from most Middle School programs, I wanted to give preteens the chance to learn these "lost arts".

The whole morning crew in the Aprons that I personalized for each child.

We all had a fantastic time cooking in the mornings, and sewing in the afternoon.  Deb Wendt, Elaine Nadeau and Lauren Pelland taught with me.


Hi, Sue! Corinn had a FABULOUS time at Summer'sCool and really learned some great skills. She's been making us all omelets on the weekends and lives for her next project on her sewing machine. :) Not to mention she really enjoyed spending time with her cousins (especially getting to know Jason better) and swimming in your pool. I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful and talented sister (and Mom)!

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