Special Order** Daylight Omega 7" Magnifying Lamp

Daylight Omega 7 lamp and magnifier

Thanksgiving is tomorrow,a nd I can't believe it is here already!  While I will spend my day preparing for my family Thanksgiving, I want to let you know that our once a year Black Friday Sale starts...you guessed it...On Black Friday!  This year the 18% discount will be extended through Cyber Monday.  If you are on my e-mail list you should have received an e-mail announcement about a special preorder of the Daylight Omega 7" magnifier and lamp that I use when I buttonhole stitch applique.  I am working on my button hole stitch applique video,and hope to get it posted to YouTube by the time the sale starts.  Watch for it on my YouTube channel!  

I am blessed to be surrounded by family this year by my parents and my two sisters and some of our children.  While we will miss those that are far away, we are blessed to have such a close family who loves being together.  I am also blessed with my Quilting Family, and I want to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday!  

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