The Sketchbook Project

I am so excited to join the Sketchbook Project that my friend Sue Bleiweiss is starting today! (but later today after the sun comes up.)  I just received the most beautiful sketchbook as a Christmas gift.  Now I am seriously feeling that someone is telling me something!  I have to join Sue's challenge now...there are just too many signs that I need to do this.   Thanks Sue for posting the challenge.  I find Sue's challenge don't have to make this beautiful, it is simply a way to keep you journaling, creating and keeping records of our inspirations. I always hesitate to get started, because I don't want to mess up a perfectly good (and empty) sketchbook!  Usually I just use a spiral bound college rule notebook, but this time I am going in style.  Here is a photo of the beautiful gift that I received.  My quilting friend Elisa didn't even know I was contemplating joining the sketchbook challenge!

Thanks, Elisa for this beautiful Sketchbook.



Hi Sue! I am excited to join the challenge, but I am still doodling in other notebooks and can't bear to get into this one!! I have to get over that and hope to join you for a bit on Friday to get over the first page Jitters!!
By louisa lawson (not verified) on
I envy you the journal but I would really like to know what you are actually going to do in it - is it purely for drawing or will be be using it to design new quilts. I would love to know the actual challenge.
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Hi Louisa, The sketchbook is for whatever doodles I want to create! The truth is that I have never drawn much, accept new quilt patterns! That is all I am doodling these days. I will try to post a few of my new quilt ideas as I go along...and you can see the progress of doodle to finished quilt (once I decide which one to make next!!). Thanks for checking in. Sue

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