Sitting at the Jimmy Fund Clinic...thinking of Spring!

I'm  updating this post while waiting at the Jimmy Fund Clinic.  Timmy is just in for routine boodwork, but  it always amazes me how emotional it is to come back to this place with all it's memories... We have a local friend, a 19 year old girl who graduated from our high school last year, who was just diagnosed with Leukemia right before Christmas of this year.  She entered her 2nd round of induction therapy today, right next door at Children's hospital, Boston.   I am thinking about her, going through the worst of the protocal, while Timmy and I are basically at a well visit, three years after his diagnosis.  Puts things into perspective, how far we have come, and how grateful we are for this amazing hospital, and for Timmy's remission.  Please keep Sara in your prayers as she endures these next few weeks.  On that note, I want to announce my charity donation for the fourth quarter of 2010.  This quarter's charity donation will go to the Starlight Children's foundation.  Through Starlight, we have been able to enjoy many activities as a family.  Timmy's favorite activity sponsored by Starlight, was meeting the creators of the Rock Band Video games, right here in Cambridge, MA.  The amazing staff at Harmonics spent a Saturday playing rock band with the kids, and introducing them to the Beatles version of the game, which had not even been released at the time we went.    Starlight lets sick kids and their families have unique experiences, allowing us all to forget about treatment, meds and protocals, if just for a little while!  Your purchases of the products from my website shop, from shows and guilds has made this donation possible!!  So thank you customers, and thank you Starlight! Ps.  Timmy, Jason and Jeff are heading into Boston again tomorrow for a Bruin's game, curtousy of Starlight!  Who will they be rooting for, Boston or the Montreal Canadiens??  Hint, My husband Jeff grew up in the Hockey Capitol of the world, MONTREAL!  Of course, if I were there, it would be the BRUINS all the way.  Until next time!  Happy Quilting, Sue

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