Sewing on Christmas Eve's Eve! Day 23

Christmas Presents

It wouldn't be Christmas if I were not sewing a last minute gift! Today I am sewing Bowl Cozies for Christmas gifts for some very special people.  Hopefully they read my blog, so I'm not going to say who they are for!  The gifts are all finished and wrapped, but I made three extra just in case I missed someone on my list.  Now that my gifts are finished, the wrapping is done, it is time to enjoy the long holiday weekend.  I hope your holiday hustle and bustle is finished so you can relax and enjoy!!   Merry Christmas!



By Joy Thompson (not verified) on
Yes it wouldn't be Christmas eve without sewing last minute gifts.
Susan E. Pelland's picture
By Susan E. Pelland on
So I’m not th only one still sewing? Merry Christmas Joy!

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