Quilting in a Winter Wonderland

Yesterday was groundhog day. Poor groundhog! I don't think he could even poke his head out of his hole, never mind see his shadow...so I guess we are in for 6 more weeks of winter.  No worries, more time to stay home and quilt!Last week I got together with my friend Evelyn to work on her lone star quilt.  Her is a photo of Evelyn holding her quilt for you to see, Evelyn is shy!  This is a beautiful lone star that she made in a class with Deb Wendt.  Evelyn made it in queen size, with large dark borders to fall down the sides of the bed.  Her hand quilting on the piece is beautiful!  After all this work, Evelyn was just not happy with the large dark border, and wanted to spice it up a little!  She bought my set of three templates when I met her at a quilt show in Sturbridge last summer.  Evelyn thought a leaf and vine border would be the perfect solution! This border is only on three sides of the quilt as Evelyn made pillow shams to go over the pillows.  So our job was simple, we lined up the 8" template in the two bottom corners, and marked the vine placement with a chalk wheel filled with my iron off chalk.  We had to fudge a little to make the 8" template fit the width of the quilt.  Then we cut a 1/2" vine with the 8" template.  We had about 1/2 a yard to work with, so the vine is fused in many pieces, but the leaves will cover all the ends! This Monday we will get together to cut out all the leaves to go on the vine.  Evelyn is thinking of adding some flowers, especially at the bottom of the quilt so her vine can go up each side of the quilt, starting at the flower in the center. I thought this was a great plan, and a great use of Leaves Galore to make a UFO into a fabulous quilt! Did I mention that this quilt is already layered with backing and batting?  Since Evelyn used a cotton batting, we were still able to fuse the vine in place.  Evelyn will end up stitching her applique right throught the batting and backing, which will get her quilting done in one step! Where is my easy button....THAT WAS EASY! I'll give you an update as Evelyn progresses on this project.  I'm sure you can't wait to see the finished quilt.  Enjoy the weather, wherever you are!  From cold, buried Massachusetts, Happy Quilting.    SUE

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