Quilt Show 2007

Deadlines.  That is the only way I get anything done!  I am going to have a few quilts professionally photographed this weekend, So I am in the process of remaking one of them.   First, I have to draw out the pattern from the original quilt.  Then, I will need to cut out all the pieces using a new fusible.  Do any of you have problems with Fusible the way that I do?  I always overheat the fusible, and end up having patches fall off my quilts. A friend suggested Steam a Seam 2, which is not so heat sensitive! We will see if this is true after God's Gift Quilt 2 is remade. Like the quilt at the top of my webpage, God's Gift 1, this quilt is based on the children's story book, "God's Gift", Illustrated by Norman Gorbaty.  Mr Gorbaty is an amazing fine artist, and his early illustration work has long been an influence on my style.    I just love the simple stencilled motifs in his illustrations, and have found it so much fun to try to reproduce this paper technique in fabric. If the photos come out well, the first two quilts in this series will be offered as patterns on my site in the very near future.  I had intended to be ready for Houston Quilt Market in October, but the patterns and tools are coming along very slowly.  Now my target is Quilt Market in Minneapolis this May. I'd better get back to that pattern, or this remade quilt will never get done for Saturday!  I'll post some photos after the photo session next week. Next blog...anyone wanna be quilters out there that want to start a mother/daughter quilt class?  Think on it...Sue

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