Quilt Festival in one week!

I won't be at Quilt Market in Houston this year, but my templates and patterns will be!  Thanks to my distributors, Brewer, Checker, E. E. Schenck and Moda/United Notions, you can check out my Leaves Galore Templates and my two patterns  including Christmas Ribbons at Market.  I will, however, be in booth 1628 at Quilt Festival in Houston, from November 3rd to November 7th and I'll be at Spring Market in Salt Lake City with some exciting new products!  Stay tuned! I'm really looking forward to festival this year.  Last year I attended as one of the 40,000 (or so) visitors to Quilt Festival.  It will be a whole different world being on the vending end of things! The best thing about Festival is the familiar faces that I will see when I get there! Deb Wendt from Wendt Quilting will be at Market and Festival, and Michelle Civetti of Grab and Go Kits will be at Market for the first time.  Check them out if you are not familiar with their work.   They are both amazing and inspiring women! I look forward to seeing friends at festival that I met last year, and meeting new friends that now exist only in cyber space!  I'm especially looking forward to meeting Kathy Alyce of Waterfall quilts.  The quilt to the left is one of mine, but was made with one of Kathy's curved piecing templates.  Kathy has her new book ready for Market and Festival, and I'm excited that my quilt will appear in her new book.  Can't wait to get my copy of Flip Flop Quilts and to meet Kathy in person! I only hope I have enough time and energy after the close of the show each day to visit with old and new friends alike.  Here's to comfy shoes,  a soft hotel bed, and energy food to get me through the exciting and exhausting days ahead. Wishing I could take all of you with me!  Sue


I've never seen anyone give a better demo than you! I was amazed at how you continued to talk without faltering and made the use of the rulers look so simple. I can hardly wait to try mine out. I came back to show it to my friend and talked to you about getting the rulers at the store I work at in Tulsa. I hope I can learn to use it and teach it to others sometime this winter. Thanks!

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