Precious Moments! Day 21

Jason decorating the tree

Well, you may have noticed that I forgot to blog yesterday!  Jason was finally home to help me finish decorating the tree and I made dinner for him and my hubby.  Then after decorating the tree, Jason and I just sat down and chatted until it was time for bed.  Well, those of you who have gone through this with your own children know that these times are few and far between, and you savor every moment that you can when you kids are home from college for the Holidays!  As it is, Jeff and I are going to leave for England on January 4th so we only have two more weeks with both of my boys home.  When we go to England, my daughter Lauren will meet us there for a 10 day vacation.  We will end up in Paris to get her ready to move home.  

So forgive me for forgetting to blog.  Some things are way more important in life!  Enjoy the little things this Christmas Season!  


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