Photos by Jeff Lomicka

I went with a friend to meet Jeff Lomicka last week.  Jeff is a professional quilt photographer, and does all the photos for Images in Lowell.  He is a quilter, and has a great eye for shooting quilts to get all the color and texture into his photos.  I was so pleased with the results of our photo shoot, I only wish I had brought more quilts!

This is the first of many quilts made with my new tool: Leaves Galore!

This quilt is Melissa's Quilt.  It was made by Sharon Morris, Kathy Sperino and myself.  It went together quickly using the Leaves Galore cutting template for the leaves and vines, and the grid was layed out in minutes using the Quilter's Chalk Line.  Both products will be available on my website very soon!  I am also working on a pattern for this quilt...and am busy crunching the numbers for all size quilts.  Calculating the yardage can be tricky!!  When I get it done I will be sure to let you all know! Now that summer is all but over, I thought this little bit of spring color would light up your day! Happy quilting...till next time.

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