New Leaves Galore Video

Here is part two of the Leaves Galore Video. This edition will help you cut those "S" shaped and "Z" shaped curves featured in the Christmas Ribbons pattern. Just because Christmas day is over, don't fret! The Christmas ribbons pattern looks wonderful in other colors as well. I have a beautiful pink quilt at the end of the video that would make a wonderful baby quilt, and my friend Susan Arena made this quilt in greens and gold with a sunflower theme. I will upload a photo of the sunflower quilt for all of you to see, it is a beauty! The video is a close up look at cutting "s" and "z" shaped curves that can be used for ribbons, ropes, flower petals and leaves. Watch all the way till the end to see how I use Leaves Galore to make vine and leaf borders and even dragonflies! Have fun with your new templates. And by the way, if you didn't get LEAVES GALORE for Christmas, enter code "myself" to get a present for yourself and get free shipping before January 1st. This offer expires at 12:00 midnight on New Year's Eve so take advantage of it now, and buy a present for yourself this holiday season!

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