New Jersey Quiltfest

Having fun in New Jersey demonstrating Leaves Galore and the Quilter's Chalk Line! Come by booth 312 to see my sister Gina and I. You will enjoy seeing what we have been collaborating on! Gina is an artist, and my templates have gotten her inspired to enter OUR world and paint with fabric! I will upload photos as soon as I get home. Until then, have fun playing with curves! Sue


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Hi Mary Ann, You can purchase from my website and pay by pay pal, or you can e-mail your order to put it on a credit card, just send me your phone number in the e-mail and I will call you for your credit card info. I have four show specials left from New Jersey! Thanks for your message! Sue
By MaryAnne Hoffman (not verified) on
Hi Sue, I watched your Demo at the NJ Quilt Show on Saturday, March 4th. Now I would definitely like to purchase a set of these rulers. How do I go about it, and would the show package still be available to me? I really needed to think about it....and then it was time for our bus to leave.

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