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I have been busy over the past few weeks working on new pattern ideas for the Leaves Galore Templates and the Quilter's Chalk Line. Melissa's quilt shows you how to do the basic grid technique, and make leaves and vines with the the Leaves Galore Template. My next pattern, Christmas Ribbons walks you through three new techniques:  Cutting ribbons, poinsettias and bi-color leaves. The white quilt below will be pattern number three!  We were playing with mirrors to see what we could create with a repeating block.   This quilt gives the wedding ring effect with  thin bias curves.  The first photo is the playing part, the second photo is the end result after fusing, but before quilting.  Another quilt quilt option  in this pattern will be a table runner made with holly leaves cut with Leaves Galore.  Two  great new techniques to keep you using your templates in so many ways! Christmas Ribbons will be available soon, it is at the printers for my first "trial" batch.  Pattern testers are working on getting samples done, to ensure the instructions are accurate. The white quilt,  unnamed at this point, is just beginning to take shape.   At first, I used mirrors to see what the quilt would look  like from a repeated block.  I thought you might like to see the process, so here are a few pictures!   Come back soon and  I will give you an update on my progress...
[caption id="attachment_231" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Intricate look, Easy fusible Applique!"]
Using mirrors helps you to see what your quilt could look like!

What should I name this pretty little summer quilt?


By Marcie (not verified) on
You should name it 'Pretty Little Summer Quilt'!

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