New and Improved Products in my shop

The leaves Galore templates are really taking off, and to use them, there are some tools of the trade that really come in handy.  I have included some of these tools on my website so you can do all your shopping in your jammies! When you purchase a Leaves Galore Template, make sure you check to see if you have a 28mm rotary cutter and spare blades on hand. I have just added a wide selection of 28mm rotary cutters and blades so you can choose the one you like best.  Don'I love this cutter!t forget to stock up on blades.  I don't want you to struggle because you have an old blade in your cutter.  You will get the best Leaves Galore results by cutting with a new blade. I have also added a new Leaves Galore Pattern: Christmas Ribbons to the patterns page.  This pattern features the Grande Leaves Galore Template.  You can make this quilt with just one Leaves Galore Template.  After you have mastered the techniques in Melissa's quilt, the Christmas Ribbons Quilt is the next step in learning a few new techniques.   Don't let the fool you!  This quilt is a beauty made in soft pastels, or fall colors. You may have heard how I love Mistyfuse!  I have added a 10 yard pack of white, 20" wide  Mistyfuse to my shop, as well as the Goddess Sheet. I am looking forward to teaching at Cape Cod Quilters this week, and then back to Quilt Festival preparations.  Happy Quilting to all!

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