Navitivy quilt, the right way!

I've finished my shopping, and have just started wrapping presents.

I can't remember who wrote this pattern. It is a beauty!

I just love giving presents and finding just the right thing for each person on my list. There is still time to send that special someone a message to let them know that you would like Leaves Galore under the tree this year! Send me a message on the contact page, and give me the name and e-mail of your Santa, and I will make sure they know that you have been a good girl this year, and deserve a nice quilting present! My friend Michelle found this pattern for me, and it is by Designsbyedna.  Thanks, Michelle, and Thanks Edna for this gorgeous quilt pattern!  I have made this nativity for myself, and the set of three (with the wise men and Mary and Joseph) for a friend.  Wonderful Christmas gift for that special friend!!  Get the pattern at

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