Meet the Quilter, Bee Bettencourt

Meet my friend Bee Bettencourt.    I met "the Bee Lady" at a the Shining Tides Quilt Guild in Mattapoisette, MA.  Bee had also worked with me at the Quilters by the Sea show in Portsmouth, MA.  She stands out from the crowd with her bubbly personality and always a bee on her clothing somewhere. When I lectured at the Shining Tides Guild, I remembered Bee immediately from the Portsmouth show.  I have been back to her guild to lecture three times, and each time  Bee delights me with her positive attitude and kind spirit.  Bee is a beautiful lady and a creative quilter!  I aspire to be just like her when I grow up. Bee made this original quilt for her son who is a truck driver.  I asked her if I could share some photos of the quilt.  She beamed with pride as she told me about the quilt and about her son, Micheal. Bee has added special touches throughout the quilt to honor her husband and to remind her son of the quilter who loves him.  You can find a photo of her son in the window of his truck, his dog in another, and a beehive in the tool compartment! Bea added all the scenery that he drives by each day, especially the shore and seagulls that are so common along the Massachusetts coast.  I just adore this quilt Bee, and the thought and love that went into making it for your son.


By Ann (not verified) on
Bea is an amazing woman that I met 39 years ago. She has always been full of adventure and joie d'vivre, carpe diem. She has recently celebrated a birthday but remains the same as when we met. With a welcoming smile and gleam in her eye she is full of fun and a little mischief once in a while. Always a friend and a lady. A Very talented lady!
By pat johnson (not verified) on
bee is the greatest step mom. She was always and still is there for all of us. Without bee i never would have become the person i am today. And oh i would have never been a quilter. With her patience and talent she was a great teacher. Theres nothing this lady can't do. Sue thank you so much for writiing your article.
By Maura stewart (not verified) on
Bee is a very talented lady and my quilting mentor. I learn something new every time I am with her, in addition to some good laughs! This piece is so fabulous in real life! Love ya Bee.
hi sue thanks for the lovely writeup about my son Michaels quilt you are a very talented and remarkable lady. i enjoy being in your company, also all the templates that you have designed. it does make designing a quilt easier & fun ,knowing your templates will bring out all the creativeness in your soul. keep up all your amazing talent from the bee lady (bumbl-b)
By Beverly (not verified) on
I met Bee many years ago when I took ceramic classes. She is indeed very artistic and creative. Her quilts are just another example of her creativity. She also is a lot of fun, and has the patience of a saint! I am so pleased with the article that was posted. It is her.
By blue (not verified) on
hmmmmmmmm didnt see any of my names on any of them sniff sniff just kidding they are great.

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