Mancuso, Candice and Inchie quilts

It has been en exciting month here at Sue Pelland Designs!  I am working with a few new distributors, so watch for Leaves Galore in your mailbox catalogs soon... Meanwhile, we have been to another wonderful show in Manchester, NH.  At Mancuso, my niece Candice, my daughter Lauren and my Mom, Elaine  helped me run the booth.  What fun to work with three of my favorite people!!  After 4 days of demos, I ended up with piles of might say, we cut Leaves Galore!! What to do with all these beautiful leaves... Today I made an inchie quilt for my mini group of Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild.   We have been swapping inchies, and were asked to make a quilt that would show off the 12 inchies that we traded.  Here is a sneak preview of my inchie quilt, called "Inchies in the Garden".  I thought they all looked a little like beautiful, unique flowers, so I surrounded them with colorful leaves.  Here is my inchie quilt in my garden on a huge Umbrella plant leaf. [caption id="attachment_250" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="beautiful, unique inchies are just like flowers!"]inchies in the garden The simple quilt above is what I make when demonstrating Leaves Galore.  I have about 30 of these 9" x 12" quilt tops.  If you are a shop owner and you want a sample for your shop, I will send you one of these mini-samples with your next order!  Just e-mail and ask me for a mini. My niece Candice has been visiting for about a month now.  Mancuso was her first Quilt Show Experience!  She was amazed by the artistry and social commentary woven into some of the quilts.  Most people just don't realize how Quilting has evolved into an art form.  It was fun to see her first impressions of such a beautiful show.  When we got home from Mancuso, she decided she wanted to see the quilt I have made for her graduation from University.  She will not graduate for another year, but the quilt is finished!  Thanks to Kathy Alyce of Waterfall Quilts who inspired me to make this curved edge block quilt with her Flip Flop Block Template!  Watch for Kathy's book coming soon from AQS, and you will see a photo of this quilt in the book!  Thanks to Kathy Sperino who made it so beautiful with the quilting. [caption id="attachment_252" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Vancouver Splendor looks just right on Candice!"]


Hi Sue, I soooo wish I had a brick and mortar so I could request an inchie....Oh my word....I love what you made. The stitching is did a lovely job. I'll see you in Houston soon and I thought I'd let you know I finally got to putting your templates on my blog. I take way toooooo many photos....I'm telling you I'll never finish Spring Quilt Market before I need to start writing about Fall Quilt Market! Smiles, Kelly
By jackie (not verified) on
I love this beautiful inchie quilt - I have only just discovered inchies in a book in my local library. I was googling to see what else I could find out about them when I found your beautiful picture. it has inspired me to give it a go - but on a much simpler scale - thank you for sharing Jackie
By Candice Pelland (not verified) on
I did thoroughly enjoy the show, and I am IN LOVE with the quilt I will soon get to call my own…can’t really say the same for these photos of me. Aunt Sue!
I hope you have enjoyed your vacation and have now found your way home! Enjoy your quilt. XOXO

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