Inspiration comes from everywhere in my world!

Do you ever wonder where quilters find their inspiration?   I see quilts all around me!  All summer there was no time to quilt, but boy, did I find inspiration!
The Lowel Quilt Festival was held last month.  WOW! I love to see how other quilter's express their creativity.  There were many traditional quilts, but even more really oustanding art quilts.  The machine quilting techniques were truely insprational!
In a recent class with Deb Wendt, I finally got comfortable with my machine quilting.  Here at Lowell, there were hundreds of examples of getting out of the box with quilting!

Look at those spirals!

The show was amazing.  Seeing the work of Christine Fries Ureel in person was so inspriational.   I am lucky enough to get to take a workshop with her at the end of this month.   This workshop is offered by my quilt guild, Thimble Pleasures, in Mendon, MA.   Thanks to Kathleen Murphy for setting up this workshop.  Here is just a small sample of Christine's work.

Christine Fries Ureel quilt. Isn't it amazing?  I am really anxious to learn how she uses painting techniques on her quilts.  I love to paint fabric, but find it hard to use the fabric that I paint in my quilts.  I am sure I will learn so much from this amazing quilter in her workshop.
I really need to get into my sewing room now, but I'll try to post some more inspirational photos on my blog tomorrow!  Meanwhile, I'm adding a few new links to other quilters who inspire me!  I hope you will enjoy each unique style.    Until next time!  Sue


By Diane Root (not verified) on
Wow, those spirals are fabulous! I didn't think you could do something so intricate on a machine. Thanks for sharing!

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