Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS, Day 18

Come Together Raffle QUilt for ALS

One of our sponsors of the Applique Design Challenge 2018 also sponsors a challenge of their own.  The Quilter's Dream challenge is called Hopes and Dreams for ALS.  This quote is taken directly from the entry form: 

"Please donate a quilt to warm the lives and hearts of ALS patients while raising awareness and research money for ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease, plus have a chance to win fabulous prizes!"

Every quilter who donates a quilt will be entered into the Quilter's Dream Batting sponsored contest.  The prize packages range in size from $500 to $1250 and there are multiple winners. ALS patients, families and researchers will benefit from your donation.  Some quilters donate quilts to be given to patients, while others donate items that can be used to raise money for research.  Here you can see the Come Together Raffle Quilt for ALS, a project spearheaded by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and made by volunteers. 

This neurological disease has been around for 100 years and we are no closer to a treatment or cure.  The disease is 100% fatal. My friends and family were touched by Lou Gehrig's disease this year, a dear friend passed away very swiftly from this disease. 

Many of you know that I am also sponsoring a challenge. Quilter's Dream has generously donated battings to add to the prize packages.  Inside every Quilter's Dream Batting there is an entry form for the ALS quilts. 

My challenge quilts are due by January 31st, so it might be a good idea to get started if you are not already making your quilt. While it is not required, why not use Quilter's Dream batting and get your contest entry form for the ALS challenge at the same time!  While you are visiting thier website, won't you support the cause and buy some Raffle tickets for the beautiful "Come Together Raffle Quilt!"


By Laura Estes (not verified) on
Quilter's Dream Company is so generous in supporting many quilting endeavors, shows, guilds and contests. An ALS cure research is much needed.

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