Hand Applique using the Leaves Galore Templates

Leaves prepared for hand applique

Last November, I was able to spend some time with Rosa Rojas at the Pinwheels Quilt Show in Sturbridge, MA.  Rosa is a native of Spain, but travels frequently to the US, Mexico and France to promote her Apliquick techniques and products. 

Rosa’s applique sample are so detailed and absolutely beautiful.  One of her best demonstrations is making a turned edge applique circle  that is smaller than a pencil eraser.  Rosa’s tools make turned edge prepared applique look easy.  Rosa then uses either hand applique with silk thread or machine applique with her own monofilament thread.  The secret to her applique success is her fusible interfacing.  Rosa cuts the finished shape of the applique from the fusible, irons it to the back of the fabric, cuts a true ¼ “ seam allowance, then glues under the edges with Apliquick glue.  To keep the glue from getting on her hands and the front of the fabric, she utilizes two specialized metal tools, each with a different tip design that helps her get smooth curves and pointy points.  Her skill is amazing, and she makes it look so simple!

After talking to Rosa for quite some time, and watching her entire demonstration, I was convinced I wanted to try this process.  So of course, I had to buy her tools to see just how simple this can be! 

Fast forward a full year, I have finally been able to spend some time working on my Apliquick skills!  Before leaving on my latest trip to texas, I quickly cut 2 1/2" leaf shapes from the Apliquick fusible interfacing using my Petite Leaves Galore template (photo on left).  


After pressing the perfectly cut leaves to my fabric, I cut the ¼” seam allowance with scissors (center photo).  You can use your Leaves galore tools to trim the seam allowance, but I found it was just as quick to use my scissors.  Using Rosa's method, her glue and her specialized metal tools (center photo) I quickly turned under and secured the seam allowances of all my leaves.  The metal pointy tools are so easy to use and I have gotten better at turning my points using the flat edge of the tool.  These prepared applique leaves can now be stitched on my project using either a hand applique stitch or a machine applique stitch with invisible thread. 

Rosa’s method helped to make the preparation process even more simple, accurate and beautiful! so if you have a hand applique project with loads of leaves, I can truly recommend combining Leaves Galore with Apliquick to make your leaves in a fabulous new way.  I’m really excited about using this method! 


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