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Generation Q and Quilter's Stash Box

Two exciting things are happening with Hearts and More this week.  First, Generation Q magazine is blogging about and having a contest to win my book and a small set of Hearts and More tools and a copy of my new book!  They have asked readers to comment on what you would write on the hearts in this sweet little Conversation Hearts quilt!  In the comments below, I will put a link to the Generation Q contest so you can go, write a sweet saying, and win a copy of my book and tools!  

Secondly, if you don't win the small set of Hearts and More tools, you can get them from Quilter's Stash Box this month!  Quilter's Stash Box is a fun monthly subscription service to add cool new tools, patterns, fabric and notions to your quilting stash.  This month, they have a special edition Sue Pelland Designs Quilter's Stash Box featuring the small set of Hearts and More templates, a Jasmine pattern, and some fabric, thread and other goodies all in a cute little box to add to your stash!  Once again, the link to Quilter's Stash Box is found below in the comments section.  

If you haven't yet seen the Hearts and More tools, or if you have them and would like to learn how to use them, check out my video here!


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By Susan E. Pelland on
Here is the link to the Generation Q blog post with the Hearts and More contest!
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By Susan E. Pelland on
Click here to go to the Quilter's Stash Box blog post about the Christmas in July Box featuring patterns and tools from Sue Pelland Designs!

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