Free Bottles!

I am making room in my storage area for 96 boxes of books, and I came across a case of plastic bottles with spout caps. These 16 oz LDPE bottes with yorker caps are great for mixing dye when you dye fabrics. I am giving them away for the cost of shipping them to you. Please write if you want any!


By Lita Hulsey (not verified) on
I would like to have some of the bottles you are giving away. Please let me know how much the shipping would be. My address is: Lita Hulsey 12917 NW 42nd Ct. Vancouver, WA 98685. Thank you very much and Happy New Year.
Hi Lita, How many bottles did you want? I can get 14 bottles in a large flat rate box. These cost $15.45 to send anywhere in the US. Let me know! Thanks, Sue
By Ina Davis (not verified) on
Hi Sue, I would love to have a box full of bottles if you still have them. My address is Ina Davis 8380 Falk Ave, Northfield, MN 55057. I assume the cost is $15.45. Do you accept PayPal? Let me know. Thanks, Ina
By Weida Shurtleff (not verified) on
That would be great. I am talking a dye class and it would come in handed. If you still have the bottles. Weida Shurtleff 3418 Crystal Creek Drive Sugar Land, Texas 77478 I have really enjoyed your rulers. I mean you about 3 years ago at the Houston Quilt Show. Yours sister and grandmother was happen you. Thanks again.

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