Four Days left to organize my Sewing Room

Day two of a five day blog on making your sewing room and you life a bit less disorganized!

Tuesday is on to the fabric closet.  Well, while I am sorting through all those beautiful fabrics, I might as well take out my list of quilts and start a pile of fabrics for each of the quilts I want to make!  OHHHH the fabrics!  I forgot I bought this one.  What other things do I have to match it?  Lets make another list of fabrics that I need to buy to complete my list of quilts!  I’ll go shopping on Thursday, because today I’ve made a huge mess with fabrics all over my sewing room, but by tomorrow I can get it all clean and start sewing.  Before I start these projects I’d better wash and iron all the fabrics I selected.

By the end of day two, my sewing room is far from clean, but I do feel a bit more organized.  Well, I will after I purchase a few more plastic bins.  Lets add that to the list!

I’d love to hear how you organize your fabric.  In plastic bins or on shelves?  Out in the open, or behind closed doors?  By color?  By size?  By manufacturer?  Leave me a comment to share how you store your fabrics.  And that’s the end of day two.


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