Five Days to a (Mostly) Organized Sewing Room!

Join me for five blog posts to a more organized sewing room, with a few good tips thrown in!

With the best of intentions, sewers make a New Year’s resolution to clean the sewing room.  Well I’m not making a resolution, but I have chosen a word to guide me through 2016.  That word is “Organize”.   No, not organized…with a “D” that would make my friends ROTFL (Roll On The Floor Laughing!)  I will never be organized, but if I take time to “organize” my thoughts, my days, my life, a little at a time, I will make progress in that direction.     

So, today, lets organize the sewing room.  We all think this can be accomplished in just one day! Lets set aside Monday.  I needed a week to recoup after the holidays, but now I’m rested, I’m ready and I’m excited to get started!

First I’ll tackle the books.  There I find  all the projects that inspire me for quilts I want to make in the next year!  I might  might as well brew a cup of tea, and pour over those book photos so I can make a list or two, “Quilts I want to Make”, “Techniques I want to learn”, “Places I’d Like to Visit”, “Notions I need to buy”…  And that’s the end of day one.

OK, so I got a little distracted on day one, but I can do this!  I can finish cleaning the sewing room.  And now I am motivated!  I have a lists now to organize my goals so the sooner the room is clean, the sooner I can sew!


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