Don't you just love a challenge?

Choose from four different Kaffe Fassett Cameos

I was at Genesee Valley Quilt Fest recently, and seeing many of my favorite customers who have all my tools.  Everyone enjoys watching the demonstration and a good percentage of customers go home with at least one template, if not all seven.  Yet at the shows I often hear "I have not yet removed the shrink wrap!" That makes me sad!  I invented these tools to help you be more productive and creative.  So how do I get my customers to use the tools they have purchased?

I am challenging you to a design contest!   The Appliqué Design Challenge is a way to entice you (with cash and prizes!) to use your tools and your creativity to design something beautiful.  

Challenge packets are now being sold on my website  and you can get to the page by clicking on this link.  .  The Challenge Packet contains the Kaffe Fassett Focus Fabric (you have your choice of four color ways), 1 1/2 yards of Mistyfuse, two additional ( Optional) Kaffe Fassett Fabrics, and the rules and entry form for the challenge.  You have until January 2018 to design and complete your 30" square quilt, and to take and submit actual photos by mail.  Yes, I said mail!  No website to upload photos, no electronic entries.  I want the judges to be able to spread out the photos, study the details, and narrow the field down to 24 finalists.  At that time, the finalists will be notified, and they will send in the actual quilts.  Once again, the judges will get together, and agree on the three winners.  All 24 finalist quilts will be hung at MQX in Manchester in April 2018.  The top three will be notified in the hope that they can attend MQX to be awarded with ribbons, cash and prizes.

Won't you join the challenge?     

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