Do You EQ? Electric Quilt has Received a Face Lift. Blog Challenge Day 8


Over the years I have been slowly learning how to use the Electric Quilt software  This week we installed an upgrade to our EQ software, EQ8.  Kari Schell is my EQ expert.  I met Kari at CABS, the Creative Arts Business Summit that I went to last year.  The best thing about CABS was meeting such wonderfully knowledgeable people. In the last year, my knowledge of drawing appliqué blocks has grown by leaps and bounds with Kari's guidance.

Have you ever used EQ software?  If you have, do you have any tips to share?  My favorite tip is that you can draw all your applique shapes separately in one block, then save that block to your library.  Once you open this block in your project, you can cut and paste the standard shapes into new blocks.  By rotating, repeating and recoloring standard shapes, there is no limit to the applique blocks that you can create.  

Kari has helped me draw the new Block of the Month Program quilt in EQ7.  Drawing appliqué shapes in this

EQ is fairly simple to do once you have the basics of the program.  There are some wonderful features of the program that help you copy and repeat shapes, draw wreaths from those shapes and use these same shapes as motifs for quilting or appliqué designs on borders.  By using the applique shapes as motifs, you can place them over seams in your quilt.  You can even scan in the fabric that you are using for your project and color the appliqué shapes and backgrounds with the right fabric.  Here is the Block of the Month quilt so far in EQ8.  

You can watch Kari's daily blog and get some great tips for using EQ just by visiting her website I know you will love Kari's lessons as much as I do!


By Barbara Gifford (not verified) on
I have had EQ since version 4. I have purchased and played a bit with EQ8 but for a longarm we it came out at the wrong time of the year. Customer’s with Christmas gifts come first so it will have to wait for a month or two. I did sign up for the class at MQX to make sure I learn all I can about it.
Susan E. Pelland's picture
By Susan E. Pelland on
You will love it Barbara! I have found two little bugs, but for the most part it is a wonderful program!

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