Desert Flowers Free Pattern

Make Desert Flowers from the leftover bits of the Hope's Diamond Quilt

Dear Friends,  I am visiting my family in Texas for the holidays.  We are in the Hill Country north west of San Antonio, which is a beautiful area of the state.  There has been an extreme drought over the past few years, and the landscape is rather like the desert at this time.  Texas is so unlike our home in New England with it's lush green plants in the spring, summer and fall, followed by a snow covered winter.  Here in Texas, the colors are beige and brown, with a beauty all it's own. Desert Flowers reminds me of this dry part of the country.  I made this quilt in November, after redesigning the cover quilt for my Hope's Diamond Pattern.  You may remember that hope's Diamond was one of the quilts that were stolen last May in Portland.  When I remade the cover quilt for the pattern, Keepsake Quilting chose the new colors for the cover quilt.  Keepsake featured Hope's Diamond in it's fall quilting catalog in these beautiful fall colors.  From the fused scraps of Hope's Diamond, I created the flowers for Desert Flowers.  The background for the quilt is a quick Jelly Roll quilt made from a pack of Tonga Treats in the Lace color combination. I have uploaded the instructions on my website so that you can make your own Desert Flowers quilt after completing Hope's Diamond.  I hope you enjoy this free pattern!  


By Linda Gosselin (not verified) on
Hi Sue, I can't seem to reach the Desert Flowers free pattern. Would you please check the link? Thanks! Linda PS If I win the guild raffle quilt, I'll admire it a while...but then it's YOURS! I'd love to see a pattern for it!

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