Deadlines are made to be broken!

I have the worst “Deadline to Finish” ratio in the entire quilting world.  I am still working on the Hearts and More book, and it has been at least 18 months in the making.  While writing the book, I have neglected my blog so today, I’m going to walk you though MY creative writing process. Emphasis on “creative”, and not so much on “writing”!

Since I am self publishing, there are only self imposed deadlines.  Yes, I’m ready for the book to be finished, but it seems that there is always more work to do.  Deadlines have come and gone, and finishing still seems like a dream more than a reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I love working on this book!  Writing the instructions has been a chance to perfect everything that I know about Hearts and More.  One bit of writing leads to another project that would illustrate my point even better.  Off to the fabric store, I need just the right fabric to make this sample.  Washing, ironing, fusing, cutting. Photo, photo, photo.  “It is so cute!  They are going to love this technique!” Sewing, quilting, binding.  Photo, photo, photo.  Tweeking instructions, cutting the shapes again, the photo is fuzzy.  “Is that step really clear?  Lets write it again.  We need a photo here.”

Another week, another technique finished and photographed and yes, another delay.  The next week, I repeat the my creative writing process.  A bit of writing, my mind wanders and I think, “What if I did it this way?”  I’m inspired and another project needs to be made.

Finally, after 18 months of my life, I am nearing the end of this cycle.  From here on in I vow not to start any new project for the book.  There are eight projects with completely finished samples, excellent instructions and clear precise photos. There are two dozen more quilts photos for your inspiration that illustrate all the techniques.

My goal is to give you the most complete set of instructions possible for a tool that you are going to love using! I feel I have finally met my goal even if I have not met my self imposed deadline.  Armed with a zillion photos, and over 100 pages of copy, my laptop and I are going to Hawaii.  I promise, I won’t work my whole vacation away, but there are 24 hours in the airplane that will be put to very good use!  At least on the plane, I couldn’t start another project if I tried.


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