Day 30 - Heading into this New Year With You !!!

Hi Quilters! This is Penny Bentley, I work with Sue as her Event Coordinator.  I would like to share that I have been blessed and fortunate to share in Sue's successes with her expanding quilting business.  Sue is an extremely creative and professional businesswoman who has Donna, Joanne, and I to assist her along the way, but, of course, it is her business sense and practices that has brought her to this time and place.

Sue has much confidence in her team and in her Certified Instructors to share her techniques and products at shows that she cannot find herself attending.  In January, Donna and Joanne will be vending at Mancuso's Orlando show being held in none other than Orlando, Florida from January 18-20, 2018 as Sue embarks on personal travel to London.  

When Sue returns from London her first New Year lecture will be for the Soo-Nipi Quilt Guild in Newport, NH on Thursday, January 18, 2018.  Sue loves to teach, as many of you already know, and I just want to share that she has taught me so many practices over these seven years, she even tries to teach me to quilt and sew, not happening!!  If you have a minute to go to her website 2018 calendar, make note on your calendars, and try to attend a lecture or a workshop near you.  

I have been with Sue since the very beginning of her venture with her templates/tools and it seems like eons ago!  It continues to amaze and impress me that this quilting gadget has grown into the business that it is.  Little ole Penny, working at little ole Sue's office, in little ole Upton, in this big ole world of quilters in the USA. Amazing and Wonderful!!

In closing this Blog and this year of 2017, I would like to wish all of you, quilter friends, a Healthy and Happy New Year!!!  



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