Coming Attractions: Video Production with Bonnie McCaffery

This week we filmed four new videos for my website and YouTube with Bonnie McCaffery in PA.   It was a pleasure working with such a professional photographer and quilter who understands just what my customers need in an instructional quilting video.  Bonnie is a internationally known quilter who developed  many new and inventive techniques including fantasy floral quilts, and painted faces on quilts.  Nestled in the foothills of the Pocono mountains in rural Pennsylvania,  Bonnie's studio is  right next to the home where she and her husband raised three beautiful daughters.  You will find photos of her favorite models, her daughters and grandchildren, as you look around the high tech studio. The four videos that we shot are lessons for Rotary Cut Applique using the Leaves Galore templates.   They feature segments on applying Mistyfuse, cutting basic applique shapes with a rotary cutter, additional products to make rotary cut applique more successful, using my Quilter's Chalk line and marking quilting designs with Leaves Galore.  As soon as the footage is edited, I will post four all new videos on my website and Youtube.    Watch for them, coming soon to a computer near you!


By Claudia Taylor (not verified) on
Great new videos! I see that the older ones are on the Nancy's Notions website but are marked "private".
Wow! This is awesome! A video production with Bonnie Mccaffrey is absolutely interesting! A good videography really counts so much. This is indeed great for advertising and marketing. Thanks for sharing!
Susan E. Pelland's picture
I know! I can't wait to see the final videos. It was so much fun to film with Bonnie, and she has such a good eye and knowledge of quilting, I know here editing will be fabulous! I'm very excited to have professional videos.

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