Christmas Gift Boxes to Wrap up your Christmas Wrapping! Day 12 of the Blog Post Challenge

Gift Boxes made with Leaves Glaore

One of the things I love to do around the holidays is to make gifts for people in my life who would not normally expect a gift.  Last year I made Bowl Cozies for the 26 employees at my local coffee shop!  Why, you ask?  There are five or six women who work there that make my coffee for me and my husband every morning.  They don't even ask, they just make my coffee when they see me waiting in line.  Some days we are chatty, some days I am not so friendly.  Remember, it is morning and I haven't yet had my coffee! 

The least I can do is remember them around the holidays and let them know how much I appreciate them!  But what about the other 21 employees?  Well they may not make MY coffee, but they are working behind the scenes, cooking, washing dishes, or toasting my bagel should I decide to get one.  Most of them are high school and college kids, so everyone can use a bowl cozy for the mircowave, right?

The problem is, I have now set a precedent.  This year I need to come up with some new and fun gift that I can make for 26 people, and fast!!  So I have decided to make a Pillow Box for each of them, and fill it with chocolates, and a little note to show them that I appreciate the job they do.  The pillow boxes are featured on a video that you can find here on my website.  But many of you asked how you would make them in different sizes.  While the pillow box made with the 4" side of the Grande Leaves Galore template is perfect for a few chocolates, the 8" size would be great for a scarf or a pair of gloves.  So here it is, my Christmas gift to you! Now I'll bet you never expected to get a gift from me!!

You can now download the entire pattern for Pillow Boxes here on my website.  Merry Christmas! 


By Penny Bentley on
I know an employee that would love to receive a bowl cozy/koozie!!!! I like the one in your kitchen drawer, Patriots themed!!!
By Maria Greene on
Wow, 26 people! You're going to have to go into Christmas elf mode.
Susan E. Pelland's picture
By Susan E. Pelland on
The elf is hard at work!

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