Blog Post Challenge - Day 16

Christmas Ribbons

I often get asked which tool I would purchase if I could only have one.  This is such a tough question for me as I use every one of my tools at least once a week!  I always say that the Norme Leaves Galore template is the most versatile, not too big, and not too small. 

However, the template I enjoy designing with the most is the Grande Leaves Galore template.  My Christmas Ribbons pattern is the perfect example.  Even though this is a wall quilt, the Grande template helps you cut every shape in this pattern.  The ribbon border is a wonderful use of the Leaves Galore tools.  It can be made with any size template and will make a wonderful border for just about any quilt.  You can replace the poinsettias in the border with a daisy or sunflower to completely change the look of this border.  

What else can you make with the Grande Leaves Galore?  How about the Hope's Diamond quilt and the Desert flowers bonus quilt, Melissa's quilt, Star Struck, and Mint Chocolate to name a few!  There are so many things you can do, I just love this tool!  

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